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Why does my light only work in the Test mode and not in Auto or Manual mode at night?
Why does my light stay on longer than the time I have set?
Can I replace the motion sensor on my light?
Can I replace the motion sensor on my solar powered light?
Where can I purchase more Heath®/Zenith products?
Can I use the motion sensor to control other devices such as buzzers or sirens?
Why does my sensor seem to be less sensitive at times and more sensitive at other times when I have not made any adjustments to the settings?
Why does my light not detect my vehicle when I pull into my driveway at night?
Why does the red light on the front of the sensor flash all the time?
Why does my light have some wires connected and their wire nuts crimped?
Will my motion sensor light work with compact fluorescent light (CFL’s) bulbs?
What is the light shield included with my security light used for?
Does my light need to be earth grounded?
Does my light need to be mounted to a junction box?
What is DualBrite®?  
Why does my light only flash on momentarily and flash back off when I try to switch to manual mode at night?
Is it necessary to have a light switch in the circuit for my motion sensing light to operate properly?
I want my light to automatically turn ON at night and turn Off at daylight
What is the optional RED power lead used for in my Journeyman® light?