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Notifi Video Doorbell System

Model number: SL-3010-00


HD Camera

  • Adjustable for custom view of your entryway
  • Wide angle lens for full view of your visitors
  • Built-in microphone to interact with your visitors
  • 720p HD Video
  • 22” video/power cord

Long Life LED Bulb

  • Provides constant power to the camera
  • Motion activated to better see visitors
  • Built-in speaker so you can interact with your visitors
  • Programmable and Dimmable

Wireless Push Button

  • Standard size for easy swap out
  • Discrete and attractive
  • Long lasting battery

Wireless Indoor Chime

  • Plugs into any standard wall socket
  • No installation or set-up
  • Transmission range up to 70 ft.
  • 2-Note Melody

Includes Wireless Push Button, HD Video Camera, Long Life LED Bulb, and Wireless Indoor Chime

Notifi Accessory LED Light Bulb

Model number: SL-3008-00

Notifi Accessory Bulb
  • Controlled by Notifi video doorbell system
  • Quick installation, easy as changing a light bulb
  • Additional light bulb for porches and entryways with multiple light fixtures
  • Bulb must be installed within 50' of Notifi system

Service Options

This Notifi product comes with the option of 2 levels of service features as indicated in the chart below. All features in the first column are included with the product at no extra charge. Additional Premium features are available for a small additional monthly fee.

Basic vs Premium Service
Select Premium Service