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Notifi Accessory Bulb


  • 560 Lumens at 100% intensity (= 60W incandescent bulb)
  • Color Temp – 3,000 K

Light fixture type:

  • Standard E26 Medium Base

Power Requirements:

  • LED Bulb – 120 Volts 60 Hertz

Electrical Load:

  • 14 Watt Max (0.5W Max in standby mode)

Operating temperature:

  • -13 to +120°F (-25°C to +50C)

Transmitter Range:

  • Notifi Bulb to Accessory Bulb – Up to 50 ft.

Install the Accessory Bulb


If the bulb you are replacing was recently ON, let it cool down before removing. Light bulb may be HOT.
  1. Turn the power to the light fixture OFF.
  2. Remove the existing bulb and screw in the new accessory bulb until fully seated in the light socket.
  3. Continue to rotate the bulb until the Notifi logo is facing away from the house. The base of the bulb may click during installation to allow the bulb to be aligned properly.
  4. Turn the power ON – the Notifi bulb will turn OFF after the 60-second boot-up period.
  5. After the boot-up period, this bulb will be controlled by the main Notifi bulb and camera.

Installing the Accessory Bulb on a second Notifi System

  • The Notifi accessory bulb is shipped from the factory set for the main Notifi System (“1”).
  • To change the Notifi accessory bulb to work with a second Notifi System, locate the switch on the side of the accessory bulb and slide it to the “2” location.
  • Turn OFF the power to the second Notifi System and install the accessory bulb in the selected light.
  • Turn ON the power to the second Notifi System and the accessory bulb will automatically sync to the second system after the system has rebooted.

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